The Aleph (Pronounced AHLEF) being the first letter of the Hebrew 'Aleph-Bets'/Alphabet, comes from The Phoenician Alphabet.  the Aleph also signifies first, original, and/or beginning. For Aleph Beatz, this signifies the First Beats, Original Sounds and Vibes that are in Harmony and Resonate with Nature and the Human BE-ing. This is demonstrated through our use of the Balafon Percussion Instrument – We also collaborate with other Artists who are experts in use of instruments such as the Drum, Saxophone, etc…  Aleph Beatz with the Strengths of Faith, Resilience, Patience, and Consistency seek To Rescue and Reach Our Future/Youth Today through Song, The Balafon and Various Instruments, Beats, Rhythms, and Lyrics that are both Catchy and Uplifting, as well as Encouraging, Empowering, and Motivating - All at the same time! We Are Unique and Seek to Strike Balance on Todays Music Scene!

We have a Mission to Spread Peace, Awareness, Love of Self and Happiness through Positive, Uplifting, Informative Lyrical Content, along with Melodic, Up-Beat Dance Tunes and Sounds. Aleph Beatz Sound is Afro-Hip Pop, House, Afro-Techno Vibe and Rhythm; we Seek to Connect and Resonate with One’s Mind, Body, and Spirit/Soul, and touch the very Essence of One's BE-ing.

All Members of Aleph Beatz have been Musically-Inclined and involved in various Music-Related Projects and More, Internationally, since childhood - namely Senegal, Mali, and Ghana, West Africa, and Cameroon, Central Africa. However, All three members – Lambe (from Cameroon, C. Africa), Asielah (from Senegal/USA), and Bakar (From Senegal/USA) came together, and Aleph Beatz was born in January of 2013, and are currently based in Chicago, Illinois.


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 Aleph Beatz has proudly performed at major events such as: The African Festival of the Arts Chicago, the International Caribbean Festival of Life (Union Park, West loop Chicago), at Chicago State University, Malcolm X College, Northwestern University; and has opened for International celebrities such as X-Maleya & many more.


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